Earlier Diagnosis – the Key to Improved Management of Neurological Disorders?



Join GE Healthcare and pharmaphorum for a tweetchat on neurological disorders and the importance of an earlier diagnosis. A recent survey shows how delayed diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis impacted patients and carers and we will discuss the issues this raises, including:

  • Understanding the impact earlier diagnosis makes on downstream management of Neurological Disorders.
  • Current delays and challenges in diagnosing neurological disorders early.
  • The impact of delayed diagnosis on patients and their families /carers, such as anxiety, incidence of wrong treatment/ therapies and other consequences
  • The economic burden of delayed diagnosis on healthcare systems

“It is not acceptable that some patients with progressive neurological disorders have to wait so long before they receive a diagnosis, during which time many face the possibility of receiving the wrong or unnecessary treatment and needing to consult with multiple healthcare professionals, ” said Gabrielle Silver, MD and Head of Neuroscience Marketing at GE Healthcare.

“This delay can be stressful to patients, and can also cost the health economy millions of dollars in unnecessary use of resources. Patients and their families should not have to tolerate lengthy delays.”

Follow #1year2long to share your opinion on what more could be done to better manage the diagnosis of neurological disorders and to provide support to patients and their carers.

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